Joe and I are both working from home this week. Juggling three computers, I’m in the kitchen when he’s in the office, he’s at the dining room table when I’m in the office, the cats don’t know where to sleep. After breakfast this morning I went into the office to get my work stuff.

Me: Can you give me my…everything? (He knows exactly what this means.)

Joe: Do you want this white cord too?

Me: No. Wait, yes.

Joe: Need anything else?

Me: I want a pony.

Joe: Yeah. The pony’s in that other room over there. If it’s not over there, there’s a guy named Santa Claus that you can write to…

Me: I thought you were Santa Claus.

Joe: No, he’s fat and jolly.

I realized there was no good way to respond to this. So I went into the kitchen office to make money instead. For the pony.